Plant iT and the integrated bakery

We understand the needs of industrial bakeries, as Plant iT can cover the entire production process from raw material delivery and storage, through recipe-controlled dough production, kneader integration, dough dividing, fermenting, resting and the baking and freezing stage to packaging and dispatching. In cooperation with customers, machine suppliers, the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Technical University of Munich, we have defined standard interfaces for process and quality data per machine type based on the Weihenstephan Standards (WS Food), which were used to realize the customer-specific requirements regarding the distribution and recording of process data and QA-relevant data. Thanks to this trend-setting procedure, it is, for example, possible to realise integrated OEE evaluations (complete plant efficiency). Furthermore, coordination of the process controls is enabled by recording all machine data up to packaging and mapping the information flow for individual process steps. 

Schematic presentation of processes in an industrial bakery using Plant iT.

If you take a look inside modern industrial bakeries, you will often see a production line consisting of systems and machines from various manufacturers with little or no intercommunication. If convenience and frozen products are produced at the same location as a standard bakery range, not only the number of systems and machines but also the list of suppliers usually increases considerably. This heterogeneous system and machine scenario is divided into numerous process areas and very rarely fully automated or connected to a higher-order IT system.

Although many system and machine manufacturers offer information solutions in the form of SCADA systems, they are often limited to their own systems and thus to a specific process area, and are not intended for a production line or the entire production facility. The necessity of a higher-order process system becomes visible when further considering existing dispatching, storage and logistics systems or the production of pastries. The flow of information becomes an even more critical factor for production areas which map a workflow with pen and paper as so-called routing or accompanying sheets – a typical error source for electronic material tracking.

Integrated solution concept of Plant iT in an industrial bakery.

Our control system Plant iT offers the perfect solution. Irrespective of which systems and requirements already exist, Plant iT can process the information of all the process areas and assume the integrated process management thanks to defined interfaces. Therefore, Plant iT can ensure quality compliance to recipe specifications, the calculation of material consumption according to the order list and complete traceability of the entire production process in line with statutory regulations.

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