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brewmaxx EnMS - Energy management system

Qualified energy management system to DIN EN ISO 50001

Energy management system for industrial production

Implementation of a systematic energy management system to DIN EN ISO 50001, an internationally recognised standard, is not only helping to cut operating and manufacturing costs considerably, but is also proving to be a competitive advantage and effective marketing tool.

brewmaxx EnMS is the energy management system from brewmaxx and can be integrated as a process control system add-on at any time. It allows production firms to realise their full potential for improving energy efficiency, to determine and document energy consumption for the production plant and to constantly improve energy consumption.

The basis for an energy management system (EnMS) is the recording of all the as-is states of primary and secondary energy sources and other media. A detailed analysis is carried out via energy monitoring. This data is subsequently displayed through uniform reporting – compared with variables over various time periods. The parameters of the intelligent alarm system (when rapidly approaching or exceeding limit values) are set using defined limit values for load peaks and consumers. This enables operators to take precautionary action: Load peaks are avoided and load valleys used in the best way possible.

Energy data acquisition

brewmaxx EnMS enables several methods of intelligent energy data acquisition. The traditional method of acquisition contains, for example, the metered values from pulse and absolute value meters, calculated (virtual) meters, summation meters, integral meters, differential meters and analogue values (e.g. ambient temperature). 

brewmaxx EnMS is fully integrated in the user interface of the process control system.
brewmaxx EnMS is fully integrated in the user interface of the process control system.

Depending on the available interface, the supply meters of energy supply companies can be connected directly, e.g., via M-Bus and respective converters. Furthermore, brewmaxx EnMS supports the offline acquisition of energy values with the aid of mobile data acquisition devices (PDAs). These identify the meters using barcode labels and thus enable the manual input of meter values. Additionally, the import and export of data can occur via MS Excel.

brewmaxx EnMS supports the data transfer of energy values both from the brewmaxx server and from external servers and databases. The evaluation and analysis of this data can occur either at a workstation (brewmaxx Client) of the process control system or alternatively at an external office PC with the aid of an energy frontend.

Secure your competitive advantage with brewmaxx EnMS and profit from a qualified energy management system according to the regulations of the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA). Small breweries to large international brewery groups use our energy management system. We will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made plan and introduce brewmaxx EnMS in your brewery.

Architecture of energy data acquisition with brewmaxx EnMS
Architecture of energy data acquisition with brewmaxx EnMS

brewmaxx EnMS: The main advantages at a glance

  • Detecting plant areas with the highest level of consumption 
  • Revealing faulty units and malfunctions, e.g. leaks in the compressed air networks
  • Delivering a detailed analysis of critical plant components
  • Analysing consumer values and recognising consumers with the greatest potential for savings 
  • Peak load analysis: Avoiding load peaks through a prioritised switch-off and restart strategy, including fully configurable minimum runtime and minimum and maximum downtimes
  • Recognising recurring consumption peaks through the parallel start-up of plant components and the reporting of critical operating conditions
  • Monitoring recorded values, including output as a web report (SSRS) or via Excel
  • Defining the optimisation time with subsequent analysis and evaluation of achieved savings
  • Standardised documentation of realised measures for optimising energy consumption

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