Production data acquisition tasks

Plant Acquis iT and brewmaxx Acquis iT offer a tried and tested production data acquisition system for filling and packaging plants which can be installed according to the individual requirements on-site:

  • Stand-alone PDA system for offline and online data acquisition, including the provision of historical production data from the filling lines.
  • Integrated PDA system, as an inherent part of our process control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx.

Our PDA system collects relevant data from the respective processes; the data is then made available for visualisation and presented as information for subsequent evaluations and analyses.

The basic tasks of our PDA system are:

  • Online acquisition of machine, process and production data from the control units of the production units
  • Offline acquisition through manual inputs
  • Data visualisation
  • Fault cause determination and weak-point analysis
  • Machine-oriented reporting
  • Acquisition of consumption values and quantities produced
  • Product quality assurance
  • Weak point analysis and preventive maintenance
  • Determination of machine and plant performance

Acquisition of machine, process and production data

In order to make relevant information available, data must be recorded for the following categories:

  • Equipment, machine, plant section and plant statuses
  • Operational and fault messages
  • Metered values
  • Measured values
  • Operating cycles, operating times and maintenance information

Data visualisation

Example of a line overview with distribution of the batch areas
Example of the speed specification for a filler

The acquired data is visualised in a plant diagram in order to provide a quick overview of the current plant status. The operation statuses of individual machines and production units can be viewed at a glance. Additional PDA data points (e.g. meter readings or measured values) can also be integrated into the representation.

Measured value representation

The measured values from the individual machines can, e.g., be displayed as curves. The possibility to freely compile varying views is a key instrument in the detection of the fault causes.

Data evaluation and analysis

Our PDA system provides various analysis options for the evaluation of acquired data:

Fault cause determination and weak-point analysis

Fault cause determination is based on a specific weak point analysis of the machines and production units of a line. It ensures that machines susceptible to faults are identified and the potential for optimisation is detected.

Plant characteristics

To evaluate data on the basis of plant characteristics, e.g. efficiency, output or availability, the machines and production units of a line are assessed in terms of their technical performance. Generally speaking, evaluations can be performed for the entire plant or for individual machines or plants. The data can be presented as trend curves or in graphical overviews of the individual production units.


By using the various types of reports available, our PDA system provides decision makers in the various areas of a company with the relevant information, such as:

  • Filling reports
  • Shift reports
  • Empties reports
  • Inspection logs

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